Sonoma County Surf Report

This is not a definitive surf report for Sonoma County. I just wanted a way to condense my many surf forecast bookmarks I use daily into one page.

These observation are taken from the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory BOON Page. These observation are updated approximately every 10 minutes.
Please note UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory does not allow surfing at Horseshoe cove. I include these images because they have the only web cam of the Sonoma Coast and is a good way to tell if it’s overcast.
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Bodega Bay Tide Chart
Monday 12/10/2018
High1:42 AM4.5 ft.
Low6:36 AM3.3 ft.
High11:57 AM5.4 ft.
Low7:12 PM-0.3 ft.
Sunrise12/10/20187:18 AM
Sunset12/10/20184:52 PM
Moonrise12/10/201810:02 AM
Moonset12/10/20188:03 PM

Tuesday 12/11/2018
High2:25 AM4.5 ft.
Low7:26 AM3.4 ft.
High12:38 PM5.1 ft.
Low7:53 PM0.0 ft.
Sunrise12/11/20187:19 AM
Sunset12/11/20184:52 PM
Moonrise12/11/201810:43 AM
Moonset12/11/20188:58 PM

Wednesday 12/12/2018
High3:09 AM4.5 ft.
Low8:25 AM3.4 ft.
High1:24 PM4.7 ft.
Low8:37 PM0.3 ft.
Sunrise12/12/20187:20 AM
Sunset12/12/20184:52 PM
Moonrise12/12/201811:19 AM
Moonset12/12/20189:54 PM

Thursday 12/13/2018
High3:53 AM4.6 ft.
Low9:33 AM3.3 ft.
High2:17 PM4.4 ft.
Low9:25 PM0.6 ft.
Sunrise12/13/20187:21 AM
Sunset12/13/20184:53 PM
Moonrise12/13/201811:52 AM
Moonset12/13/201810:51 PM

Friday 12/14/2018
High4:36 AM4.7 ft.
Low10:44 AM3.0 ft.
High3:21 PM4.0 ft.
Low10:15 PM1.0 ft.
Sunrise12/14/20187:21 AM
Sunset12/14/20184:53 PM
Moonrise12/14/201812:22 PM
Moonset12/14/201811:48 PM

Saturday 12/15/2018
High5:16 AM4.9 ft.
Low11:49 AM2.6 ft.
High4:36 PM3.8 ft.
Low11:06 PM1.3 ft.
Sunrise12/15/20187:22 AM
Sunset12/15/20184:53 PM
Moonrise12/15/201812:51 PM

Sunday 12/16/2018
High5:54 AM5.1 ft.
Low12:43 PM2.1 ft.
High5:57 PM3.7 ft.
Low11:58 PM1.6 ft.
Sunrise12/16/20187:23 AM
Sunset12/16/20184:53 PM
Moonset12/16/201812:46 AM
Moonrise12/16/20181:19 PM

CDIP recent nowcast sf
CDIP recent nowcast sf